Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Today

Eliminate Chargebacks

Lower Transaction Fees

Accept Payments From Any eWallet

No setup fees, No monthly fees

Offer multiple cryptocurrencies alongside traditional payment methods

Increase your revenue by tapping into a new consumer-base with crypto payments

NetCents, the transactional hub for all cryptocurrency payments, equips forward-thinking businesses with the technology to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their business without taking on the risk or volatility of the crypto market.
When your customer pays you in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, NetCents guarantees the sale price in your local currency and you receive the payment directly into your bank account.

Fully-customizable and brandable

Accept crypto payments from any eWallet

Guaranteed Price Protection

Accept cryptocurrency payments online, in-store, and via invoice

Easy integration for retail & eCommerce

Asset Management System

KYC & AML compliance & source of funds tracking

0-blockchain confirmation & AI transaction validation

Low fees. Easy integrations. Eliminate Chargebacks.

eCommerce Payments

Integrate crypto payments directly into your website with our shopping cart plugins, hosted payment page, API integrations or via email with invoicing.


In-Store Payments

Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in-store with our POS and terminal integrations or simply download our iOS or Android merchant apps to turn any smartphone, tablet or android device into a terminal.


Instant Settlements

We guarantee that when you sell an item for $150, you receive $150 less a small transaction fee.

Cryptocurrency payment processor

Global Coverage

NetCents supports merchant cryptocurrency transactions in 55 countries and 33 fiat currencies.

accept cryptocurrency payments

Bank Deposits

You never need to touch cryptocurrency. NetCents does all of the work for you. Accept cryptocurrency and receive fiat payments directly into your bank account via ACH.

accept bitcoin payments

Eliminate Chargebacks

With NetCents crypto merchant gateway, chargebacks are a thing of the past. You will never receive a chargeback when you accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Low Fees

Lower your merchant transaction fees with cryptocurrency payments.

KYC, AML, IP Verification

As a licensed Money Service Business, NetCents is fully KYC and AML compliant, giving you peace of mind.

Risk and Fraud Protection

Our AI, IP, and user verification combined with probability modules and advanced anti­-fraud security work, reduce fraud and minimize risk.

Cryptocurrencies We Accept

About Us

Who is NetCents? …is you. We know you want options, choice and at times, privacy. Simply put, NetCents is a superior way to buy, sell, send money and transact online, in store or via a mobile device. NetCents is a group of dedicated business professionals who think that there is a better way for payment transaction companies to do business. One that works with you, one that listens and one that will be there with you regardless of where you go and what you do.