NetCents is a next generation payment processor, supporting multiple traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and all innovative payment methods to give users the freedom to pay, their way and to empower merchants with tools to lower their financial risk.

NetCents Currency

The Problem With the Current Landscape

Far from being a widely held unit of value, Bitcoin holdings are very concentrated and quite extreme. Out of all the bitcoin addresses, 3.47% own 95.89% of the entire bitcoin market. This is one of the key factors which has fuelled its price with a total supply versus demand imbalance.

This is not what decentralized currency was meant to be.

3.47% of all addresses own
of the entire bitcoin market

The NetCents Solution

NetCents will utilize our existing delivery ecosystem to introduce a proprietary coin, the NetCents Coin, that will be:

  • Widely held and circulated
  • Tradable
  • Backed by a Treasury Reserve Account
  • Operated under a structured coin release to prevent price speculation
  • Highly secure and private
  • Structured with counterfeiting prevention and fraud risk detection, leveraging next-generation algorithms
  • A global coin, with initial releases in Canada and Europe


Phase 1


  • Users
  • Banks
  • Merchants
Phase 2


  • Blockchain
  • Coin parameters
Phase 3


  • Exchange Deployment
  • Exchange Nodes
  • Currency Wallet System
Phase 4


  • API Build
  • Compression Development
  • Replication Blockchain Nodes
Phase 5


  • Pre-currency introduction
  • Deployment of NC for Merchant transactions
  • Transfer merchant settlements to NC
Phase 6




Based on the latest Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology
  • NetCents’ platform is based on the latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology.
  • Blockchain technology is a digital public ledger of all transactions without the need for a central authority that replaces the existing analog system.
  • By recording every transaction in the public domain, Blockchain technologies allow for the automation of validation protocols in real time and removes the need for “trusted” 3rd parties.

Next generation fraud & risk reduction modules
  • Our AI 2.0 proprietary algorithms, IP and user verification and probability modules with advanced anti-fraud security services, reduces fraud and risk.

Stringent underwriting rules with IP verification
  • Every transaction Netcents processes is subject to stringent underwriting rules with IP verification.
  • We access 145 data sources worldwide to provide sophisticated IP and user verification. This includes Government records, Interpol, FBI and UN sanction lists.
  • This process allows Netcents to look at millions of data points before the transactions happens to stop fraud, eliminate risk and lower processing  costs for merchants.

Probability modules with industry leading KYC/AML
  • Our probability modules identify fraudulent users and transactions before the transaction is made.
  • Fraudulent transactions and chargebacks are flagged and eliminated before they are processed by the Banks and Credit Card companies saving merchants billions of dollars in chargebacks.

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The NetCents Coin Details

The NetCents Coin Ecosystem

  • NetCents Technology Inc.: a next-generation payment processor, supporting multiple traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and innovative payment methods,
  • NCCF: an independent non-profit organization responsible for the governance and issuing of the NetCents Coin
  • NC Exchange: an independent exchange where the NetCents coin can be bought and sold

These three organization, although all independent from each other, form the core of the NetCents ecosystem at launch. The coin and the ecosystem will rapidly evolve and bring in third parties as market participants.

NetCents Technology Inc.

NetCents Technology Inc.’s AI-based processing technology puts us at the forefront of further disrupting the FinTech landscape with next-generation fraud and risk reduction technology. Our aim is to be the underlying technology that connects exchanges to the end consumer. NetCents Technology Inc. is a payment processor with the following innovative product features:

    • E-wallet capabilities
    • Currency exchange
    • Payment transfers
    • Merchant gateway

Our ironclad platform is backboned by the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and assembled upon the following pillars:

  • Low-cost transaction environment, fostered by next-generation risk reduction and fraud prevention algorithms 
  • Stringent underwriting rules coupled with IP and user verification applied to every transaction 
  • AI-driven probability modules complying with industry-leading KYC/AML checks and balances 

NetCents Technology Inc. is a truly disruptive and decentralized platform that offers all of the above with secure, predictable, and immutable transactions. Through our universal plug and play software, our API capabilities, and peer-to-peer transactions, we’re delivering effective, efficient solutions that meet the needs of the masses.


To ensure that a new digital coin would be able to evolve on its own, independent from NetCents Technology Inc., it was determined that an independent, non-profit organization should be issuing and governing the new coin for the benefit of all of its stakeholders, hence the creation of NCCF.

The role of NCCF, as an independent, non-profit organization is to manage:

    • The release of the coins according to its transparent release mechanism
    • The network of nodes for transaction authorizations
    • The Treasury Reserve Account
    • Evolve the coin’s technology for the benefit of all of its stakeholders at all times

NC Exchange

Within the NetCents ecosystem, it was also determined that an exchange should be set up, independent from NetCents Technology Inc., the NC Exchange. This exchange runs entirely on the blockchain technology, handling all payments and settlements, and tracking distribution metrics.

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, is a digital public ledger of all transactions, one that does not require the need for a central authority or a trusted third party to send and receive money between parties. We utilize blockchain along with our AI 2.0 proprietary algorithms to provide a fast, secure, and real-time record of every transaction.

Treasury Reserve Account

NetCents Coins will be sold in the market in predetermined releases at a minimum price per release. One of the key features of these releases is that 100% of the proceeds realized from the sale of treasury coins will go into the Treasury Reserve Account – thereby benefitting ALL coin holders and not just a limited few.

Building this Treasury Reserve Account is key to the NetCents Coin’s long-term credibility and acceptance in the marketplace, making it a mainstream coin and not just an instrument of speculation like other cryptocurrencies in circulation today.

The Treasury Reserve Account will initially be made up of a basket of fiat and cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that after a period of 12 to 18 months there will be sufficient price stability and liquidity in the market to allow for the reserve to gradually diversify. The Treasury Reserve Account will at all times be managed by an NCCF Trustee, or Trustees, whose sole purpose is to ensure the reserve operates and is managed in a cost-effective and ethical manner and will be fully transparent at all times.

The reserve account will be used to:

  • Provide price stability and liquidity for the coin
  • Provide continuous investment in the development of the NetCents Coin platform and develop  the NetCents Coin platform as new technologies and features are developed
  • Cover off operational costs associated with the ongoing management and maintenance of the reserve account.

Release and Coin Value Management

To promote mass adoption, the supply of the NetCents Coin will match demand while maintaining a significant capital appreciation for both early adopters and ongoing users. The release of the NetCents Coin is structured much differently than other cryptocurrencies. Unlike existing cryptocurrencies, the NetCents Coin will be issued over time from the treasury at market rates with a transparent release mechanism.

The coin release mechanism is a transaction based algorithm. Once released, the coins will be sold through authorized exchanges around the world. All proceeds realized from the sale of the coins will be deposited in Treasury Reserve Account, which will be used to support the value and fund the development and continued maintenance of the NetCents Coin.

Subsequent releases will be issued at escalating price levels, based on the NetCents Coin’s trading value once it has reached a preset value, rather than at pre-determined times. If there is a rapid price appreciation of the NetCents Coin, new coins will be sold into the price inflation and continue to build its Treasury Reserve Account.

The number of NetCents Coins which could be issued is technically unlimited. However, only a specific number of coins will be issued and sold into the market within specific price bands. Furthermore, the minimum sale price per coin for each release is preset at a specific premium to the previous release. This ensures that if the NetCents Coin is not trading well, no new treasury coins will be issued and sold.

The first five releases are for 5 million NetCents Coins each. The initial sale will be done at $1.00 USD per coin, gradually escalating to $16.00 USD per coin. In order to trigger a new release for the first five releases, the NetCents Coin price will need to have increased by 100% for each release. In total, 25 million coins will be released in the initial five releases.

Starting with the sixth release, the release mechanism will be altered. For a new release to be triggered, the NetCents Coin price will need to have increased by 75%. Each release will be for 150% of the number of coins which were sold in the previous coin release.

As indicated above, NetCents is proposing releases based on pre-determined market prices with a 100% reserve. This will achieve two objectives:

  1. With a structured regulated release and a 100% reserve, the company will be able to defend and support the price of the coin if the situation is warranted. Additionally, if there is a rapid price appreciation of the coin, the company will be able to sell into the price inflation and realize benefits in terms of capital acquisition without realizing shareholder dilution.
  2. Conversely, the company will be able to defend the value of the coin if there was a substantial decline in market value. By selling into a deteriorating market the company would be able to provide price support.

Price support and supply management are critical elements in the early stages of deployment and while such support is not possible in the long term, once the coin gains momentum and is widely circulated inherent market forces will dictate price and value.

NetCents is well aware of the numerous high profile Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs,  that have raised about 1.5 Billion dollars, this year alone. To be clear, NETCENTS is not conducting an Initial Coin Offering, ICO. NETCENTS is introducing a currency through a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange. Most companies cannot and should not do an ICO as their business model is not decentralized and hence their token has no utility value.

The NetCents coin will address these issues and truly be a medium of exchange for the masses.

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