Take your payment processing to the next level with NetCents, the transactional hub for all cryptocurrency payments.

Instantly Settle All Cryptocurrency Payments

accept cryptocurrency payments
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accept bitcoin payments
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    Secure Platform

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Instant settlements provide merchants guaranteed protection against market-volatility and liquidity issues associated with processing cryptocurrency transactions. Merchants are now able to take advantage of all the benefits of lower fees, faster processing, and leverage the liquidity of ‘crypto-to-fiat or crypto-to-crypto’ settlement without being exposed to the risks or the price fluctuations inherent with cryptocurrencies.

Regardless of the crypto or fiat currency merchants choose to settle in, the NetCents platform completes the settlement instantaneously. No fuss, no muss, no stress. NetCents handles everything in the backend and guarantees the price of the cryptocurrency transaction in real-time. This provides our merchants peace of mind and guaranteed protection against market volatility and illiquidity issues with cryptocurrency.

Business with Benefits 

We empower businesses to effortlessly and quickly transact all over the world with the right tools to easily accept digital payments with the power of blockchain technology. Stay ahead of the competition by leading the way to the future with NetCents.  

Cryptocurrency payment processorCryptocurrency payment processor
Cryptocurrency payment processor

Instant Settlements

We provide merchants with guaranteed protection against market-volatility and liquidity issues associated with accepting cryptocurrency transactions. Now when you sell a product for $100 you get $100. 

accept cryptocurrency payments

KYC, AML, IP Verification

Every NetCents account is subject to stringent underwriting rules and protocols. We access 145 data sources worldwide including Interpol, FBI, and other international governing authorities.

accept bitcoin payments

Merchant Gateway

NetCents’ merchant gateway is a true plug-and-play payment processing platform that is hassle-free to integrate into any merchant website or bricks and mortar retail location and reduces your all-in processing costs.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology

Blockchain technology is a digital public ledger of all transactions. It replaces the need for a central authority while keeping time and date stamped records of each transaction in real-time. It’s the most innovative, reliable technology out there.

Revolutionizing the Payments Industry

NetCents’ platform was built from the ground up, delivering more reliable and secure processes for your business and consumer, end to end. We are cryptocurrency agnostic, keeping you ahead of market trends.

Risk and Fraud Reduction

There’s a lot we do to ensure you stay safe. Our AI 2.0 proprietary algorithms, IP, and user verification software combined with probability modules and advanced anti­-fraud security work, reduce fraud and minimize risk.

Transactional Hub for Crypto Processing

Our universal plug and play API provides you with an easier way to securely accept digital payments. We’ve upped the ante with industry-leading technology that protects you and your customers. No ID theft, no fraud, no additional fees. Our platform takes the stress out of online transacting with the latest in innovative technologies: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
NetCent’s platform was built from the ground up, delivering more reliable and secure processes for your business and consumer, end to end. We’re revolutionizing the payment industry, one secure transaction at a time.

Your Business, Your Way

We’ve built the most flexible tool for internet commerce. Whether you’re a subscription service, crowdfunding platform, or a dog sweater company trying to make it in the big, NetCents has your back with a meticulously-designed API and unparalleled functionality. Trusted around the world, see how NetCents can help you build your empire.

There’s a Reason Businesses Trust NetCents

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    Seamless integration into our platform

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    Improve experience through frictionless payments

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    Increase spend and engagement per customer through loyalty and rewards program incentives

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    Accept cryptocurrency payments from any wallet

Merchant API

Our advanced, innovative platform does everything a traditional payment processor does – only better. NetCents’ universal plug and play API enables your business to easily and securely accept digital payments. 

We Aren’t Robots

But wouldn’t that be cool?

Get real support from real people. We’re a bunch of tech experts and code geeks who want what you want: the comedic timing of Jimmy Fallon and an easier alternative to payments.

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About Us

Who is NetCents? …is you. We know you want options, choice and at times, privacy. Simply put, NetCents is a superior way to buy, sell, send money and transact online, in store or via a mobile device. NetCents is a group of dedicated business professionals who think that there is a better way for payment transaction companies to do business. One that works with you, one that listens and one that will be there with you regardless of where you go and what you do.