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We‘re rethinking payments. We combine industry-leading technology and our ‘Rebel With A Cause’ attitude for a bit of creative disruption in a world dominated by outdated services. We believe there’s a better way for you to manage your money, and we deliver that – with choice, flexibility, and the freedom to

Pay. Your Way.

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There are lots of reasons to use NetCents

Our advanced, innovative platform does everything a traditional payment processor does - only better.


We’re rethinking and revolutionizing payments. For business or pleasure, world domination or everyday ease, our platform delivers the latest in innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, so you get nothing but secure, reliable transactions. With NetCents, you’re always protected – we’re talking moats and drawbridges. No stress, no hassle. No wonder you’re here.

Merchant Gateway

Take your payment processing to the next level with NetCents, the transactional hub for all cryptocurrency payments. We empower businesses all over the world with the right tools. Our customizable platform can accept payments from multiple websites or locations to a single merchant account.


Welcome to Easy 2.0. All your payment options in one place with a secure way to pay or buy/sell/transfer cryptocurrency around the world. Our world-class team of tech experts and code geniuses makes it so you can accept and pay in digital currencies. 

Instant Settlements

You have a business to run. We want you to get back to running it. Instant settlements provide merchants guaranteed protection against market-volatility and liquidity issues associated with processing cryptocurrency transactions. Work smarter, not harder with NetCents.


You need a wallet that works for all of your needs. We do that.
Send it, store it, pay it, transfer it, buy it, sell it – anytime, any way you like. NetCents gives you the freedom of choice with options. Send and receive money almost anywhere in the world with secure, online transactions that you can trust. Securely request, load, buy, sell, transfer, and store funds in fiat or digital currency with our innovative eWallet.
NetCents connects you with people and businesses around the globe – instantly.


One eWallet, Endless Options

NetCents makes it easy to send, receive, store, and deposit your money. For checkout options that are smoother than Ryan Gosling’s hair, get organized with NetCents’ eWallet.

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    Shop and store money your way

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    You're safe with NetCents. Like, moats and drawbridges secure

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    Securely link your bank accounts 

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    Pay when you like, wherever you like, with seamless checkouts

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    It's FREE - words we like

How it Works

We do what your traditional payment processors do. Only better.
Traditional payment processors today rely on the fundamentals: Visa and MasterCard, both of which continue to use outdated, legacy analog solutions that aren’t in sync with today’s advanced digital technology and security protocols.
It’s time for a processing revolution…
Our platform integrates the latest technological advancements to rethink legacy payments. For business or pleasure, we use the latest blockchain technology so that whether you’re buying or selling, you’re always protected.


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Sign up. It’s easy, all you need is the ability to remember a password. Oh, and it’s FREE. 


Link Your Accounts

Securely link your bank accounts for easy funds transfer. 



Use the NetCents button at checkout – all you need is your email address and a secure password.

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It's Time for a Payment Revolution...

Traditional payment processors today rely on the fundamentals: Visa and MasterCard, both of which continue to use outdated, legacy analog solutions that aren’t in sync with today’s advanced digital technology and security protocols.
Our next generation AI-based processing technology validates transactions in real-time by aggregating multiple regulated data sources. We evaluate the transaction for online purchasing with AI probability modules that leverage industry-leading KYC and AML technology. No more volatility, no need for “trusted” third parties.
Are you ready to take control of your business?


About Us

Who is NetCents? …is you. We know you want options, choice and at times, privacy. Simply put, NetCents is a superior way to buy, sell, send money and transact online, in store or via a mobile device. NetCents is a group of dedicated business professionals who think that there is a better way for payment transaction companies to do business. One that works with you, one that listens and one that will be there with you regardless of where you go and what you do.