The NetCents Coin
White Paper

It’s time for a real cryptocurrency alternative.

A solution that fits the needs of many instead of the interests of a few.


At NetCents Technology Inc. we are focused on empowering and providing our users with unlimited freedom of control. As a next-generation payment processor, supporting multiple traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and innovative payment methods, and, now, working with the NetCents Coin Organization (NCCO), an independent nonprofit organization, we are assisting with the launch of a new digital coin built using the latest blockchain technology – the NetCents Coin, issued by NCCO.

Bitcoin and Ethereum were excellent experiments that proved that there was a need for a truly decentralized cryptocurrency, but the medium failed.

NetCents will utilize our existing delivery ecosystem to introduce a proprietary coin, the NetCents Coin, that will be:

  • Widely held and circulated
  • Tradable
  • Backed by a Treasury Reserve Account
  • Operated under a structured coin release to prevent price speculation
  • Highly secure and private
  • Structured with counterfeiting prevention and fraud risk detection, leveraging next-generation algorithms
  • A global coin, with initial releases in Canada and Europe


Download our White Paper to see how NetCents is changing the cryptocurrency game.