About Us

NetCents is rethinking payments. We combine industry-leading technology and our ‘Rebel With A Cause’ attitude for a bit of creative disruption in a world dominated by outdated services. We believe there’s a better way for you to manage your money, and we deliver that – with choice, flexibility, and the freedom to Pay, Your Way.

Join the revolution…

How it Started…

…how everything innovative and magical usually starts. With a What if.

What if paying could be easier? What if we could make it so that everything was all in one place? What if we could make it so that businesses who want to build back their good standing CAN? So that everyone can have the freedom to choose, not be frustrated with wait times, fees, be at the mercy of chargebacks, or have to go to 4 different places to do the same thing: pay.

What started out as an idea quickly turned into reality.

We have built a universal payments infrastructure that optimizes your ROI through easy, convenient, and secure payments – all around the globe. User friendly, developer friendly, and tech-illiterate friendly, NetCents is making life simple for your business and your everyday.

We are a world class team of elite engineers, thought leaders, coffee lovers, meme enthusiasts, and techies that have one thing in common: to make it easier to accept payments online.

We’re outside the box thinkers who know that there’s always a simpler way, a smarter way, to make payments. We give you to the tools to build what you need – a better way to accept payments, an opportunity to lower risk, and the power to Pay, Your Way.

Our Team

Clayton Moore – Founder/CEO

As Founder and visionary behind NetCents Systems Ltd., Clayton has over 10 years of industry-leading experience in the Electronic Payments Sector. After attending Caledonia College in Business Administration, Clayton began his career in the services industry. It was during his management tenure in the services industry where Clayton began to see the need for a secure, risk free payment system. In 2003, he began initial development on the “Cybux” payment platform, a technology based on a secure prepaid electronic card. Through this, he was able to test and gain uptake of the platform in the BC school system and later to select schools in Ontario. In 2006, Clayton sold Cybux and began development on NetCents Systems Ltd. In addition to his direct involvement in the development of innovative payment systems, Clayton has consulted to Fortune 500 Companies on the integration of their online payment solutions.

Gordon Jessop – President/COO

Gord Jessop has over 25 years of management and entrepreneurial experience as well as post-secondary education as a Financial and Business Analyst. Gord has held senior management positions with major Canadian Lending Institutions and GE Capital Insurance. With extensive practical experience in economic analysis, risk assessment, project financing, internet revenue modelling, interactive website design as well as developing business/revenue models for a variety of companies and business ventures in such diversified industries as: Energy Technology, Retail Grocery, E-commerce, Television and Education, Gord brings to the team an extensive track record. He has also been responsible for the design, research, and implementation of both corporate strategic initiatives and consumer products. He has spent the past five year working with Clayton Moore restructuring and developing NetCents.

John Kanwischer - Advisor

An accomplished Information Technology professional, John Kanwischer has delivered successful enterprise, trading and clearing solutions for over 25 years in the financial services industry (JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclay’s Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Euronext & Western Union). John’s years of expertise make him an invaluable asset to NetCents. A calculated risk taker with deep tech industry and product knowledge, he specializes in payment processing, foreign exchange, and derivatives. John is experienced in motivating and managing large teams and effective at developing efficient solutions to difficult problems while ensuring alignment to business and IT strategies.

Cavan Morris – IT/Software Development

Cavan Morris is a pioneer in the development of peer-to-peer money (P2P) transmission. As one of the founding members and developers of the first P2P money transmission systems based on pre-paid debit cards in the world, Cavan brings to NetCents industry-leading expertise and has the distinction of being one of an elite group of innovators with the in-depth knowledge of P2P systems in the world. As well as innovating in the prepaid space for the past decade, Cavan developed the first mobile phone app that allowed users to send money instantly from their phone. Many of the features seen in that app have since become common in apps from companies like PayPal and USAA.corporate strategic initiatives and consumer products.

Mehdi Mehrtash – Chief Technology Officer

Mehdi Mehrtash brings over 15 years of experience to the NetCents team as well as a passion for IT. Having worked with a diverse field of organizations, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, Mehdi’s skillset and drive are a proven asset. He has successfully led a team of developers to build an in-house ERP and assisted in the deployment of SAP to more than 1200 stores across Canada. Medhi brings to the team a demonstrated track record that is effective at building authentic and engaging relationships with clients, partners, and users.


I’ve never experienced anything more streamlined. NetCents made it all so easy.

Jake Steel

I love your eWallet – it’s fast, simple, and I’m not worried about my money. You guys make it effortless.

Emma Martens

It used to take me a few days (and a bunch of worry wrinkles) to send money to my parents. Your system gets my money to them instantly. Thanks!

Sophie Gahkal