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With our lives and technology being so seamless, endless options and the freedom to choose aren’t just trends: they are a necessity. We are living the future of online transacting. The power to pay your way is in your capable hands, where it should always be.

Getting Started

Valid email address + current bank account = your NetCents account. That’s math we like. Think you can remember a new, 6-character password? Of course you can (but we won’t judge if you need to write it on a post it somewhere).

That’s it! It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s the digital Swiss Knife of the millennial age – everything, minus the can opener, all in one. Now all you have to do is get started, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t sign up sooner.

Once you’ve verified your NetCents account via email, you’ll receive an assigned NetCents account number. Congratulations: you are now too legit to quit. Let the can’t stop, won’t stop payments party commence.

Moving funds from your bank to your NetCents account

Don’t forget to add NetCents to your bank account. Log into your bank or credit union, and under “Pay Bills and Transfer Funds”, click on “Add Payee”. Enter NetCents, and boom - we’ll appear as “NetCents Systems Ltd.”, like magic.

  1. Log into your bank.
  2. Under “Pay Bills and Transfer Funds” link, select “NetCents Systems Ltd.” as your payee.
  3. You’re ready to transfer funds from your bank to your NetCents account.

Please allow for one business day for the transactions to be confirmed by your financial institution. All our services are free (we know, right?) with the exception of withdrawing funds online, which carries a $0.99 fee.

Always make sure you have sufficient funds in your NetCents account – no money, more problems. TLC said it best: “Wanna get with me with no money, no”.

Recurring Payments and Donations

You need to pay your bills to fund that Sriarcha problem of yours. Good thing we do that. Simply click on “Manage Recurring Payments” and locate the appropriate merchant or charity. Just looking out for you and your hot sauce in your bag swag needs.

Purchasing Online

Load your online shopping cart to your heart’s content (we see you eyeing that overly priced athleisure wear), proceed to checkout, and pay with the NetCents Payments Button. Or, log in to your NetCents account and search out the merchant website. Don’t see it? Let us know! You will never pay to use NetCents for your online shopping.

Withdrawing Funds Online

Log into your NetCents account, select “Withdraw From NetCents” and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Remember: there’s a $0.99 processing fee for withdrawing from your NetCents account. .

Transferring Funds

Log into your NetCents account, select “Send Money”, and follow the prompts. The person you are sending money to must also have a NetCents account and must know the password before they receive the funds.

  • Transferring Funds into your NetCents account – No Charge
  • Transferring Funds online from your NetCents account to another NetCents account – $0.99
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