Payment gateway.

Our universal plug and play Merchant API enables business to easily and securely accept digital payments. All personal information resides with the customer’s financial institution, so anytime NetCents completes a transaction, no residual information is left behind. No Merchant Chargeback fees, no worrying about Fraud, and transactions that clear. Our platform takes the stress out of online transacting by providing you with one place to do it all.

run your business, worry less.

You’re here because you have a business, a bottom line, and a desire to see your company grow. You have a passion (maybe it’s cheesecake) and you want to see it flourish (coast to coast cheesecake domination). You have a passion for what you do and we want you to focus on doing what you love, not worrying about fraud protection, ID theft, or the pitfalls commonly associated with accepting electronic payments. You just want it to work. We do that.

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