Our Team

We’re comfortable being the nerdy geniuses behind the scenes, but sometimes, people want to know who we are.

The short answer? We’re you. And you are NetCents.

We’re a group of dedicated business professionals who think that there is a better way for payment transaction companies to do business. But we’re also more than that. We’re busy-bodies, just like you. We’re coffee connoisseurs, fellow YOLO-ers, closeted early 2000’s pop lovers, gold-medal high fivers – well except for one of us, we won’t name names, and best of all, we are hardworking, can’t stop, won’t stop professionals who are good at what we do: making things easier for you.

Clayton Moore
Gordon Jessop
Fraser MacDougal
John Kanwischer
Cavan Morris
Mehdi Mehrtash
Phillip Shum