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We are an integrated, financial transaction hub, delivering a secure, self-administered, and anonymous place to transact. We’re the real deal. We’re the type of platform you bring home to Mom. Mom’s love us. We bring pie. We compliment her china collection. We also do the dishes after dinner.

NetCents provides a real-time, two-way flow of funds over the internet and integrates the latest, innovative technology to ensure your security and safety is never at risk. Available in 24 countries, publicly traded, and rapidly deployable, NetCents is a Canadian Federally incorporated company that is integrated with the Royal Bank’s Automatic Clearing House System.

We’re here to help you! But before we get started (and before you take us home to Mom) we need a few things from you. You’re just 5 short steps away from complete corporate domination.


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  1. Go to the main menu on the NetCents Home page
  2. Click on “Get NetCents,”
  3. Select “Merchants” from the sub-menu. You will be asked to enter your company name and some basic contact information.
  4. NetCents will contact you within 48 hours and you will be sent a Merchant Account Agreement.
  5. Once reviewed, and if approved, NetCents will issue you log in credentials and a temporary password. You will be able to access your NetCents Merchant account, edit your profile, and change your password.

A NetCents payment icon can be placed and integrated into your website at no cost. This can be done online by clicking on the “Site Integration” tab and following the simple steps to create the integration.

  • Products and Services – 1.99% of total purchase price
  • Online Withdrawals – $0.99 per withdrawal
  • Transferring Funds – $0.99 per transfer

run your business, worry less.

You’re here because you have a business, a bottom line, and a desire to see your company grow. You have a passion (maybe it’s cheesecake) and you want to see it flourish (coast to coast cheesecake domination). You have a passion for what you do and we want you to focus on doing what you love, not worrying about fraud protection, ID theft, or the pitfalls commonly associated with accepting electronic payments. You just want it to work. We do that.

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